Marine data layers for modelling

Bio-ORACLE offers essential physical, chemical, biological and topographic data layers with global extent and uniform resolution for modelling the distribution of marine biodiversity.

Surface and benthic conditions

Bio-ORACLE provides essential physical, chemical and biological data layers for both surface and benthic marine realms.

Global and uniform

The data are available globally at a spatial resolution of 0.05 degrees (approximately 5.5 km at the equator).

Forecasting and transferability

The Shared Socioeconomic Pathway scenarios of CMIP6 are provided to model the implications of future changes.

What is its potential?

The layers can be used in Species Distribution Modelling to predict the distribution of biodiversity, address niche-based questions, unravel biogeographic patterns, and support the conservation of global marine biodiversity at the global.

The availability of data under the Shared Socioeconomic Pathway scenarios of CMIP6 allows projecting the implications of future change to marine biodiversity, contributing to inform climate policy.

Essential physical, chemical and biological data layers for marine ecologists worlwide.







Meet the team

A team of macroecologists, climate change analysts and computer scientists that provide essential data layers to model the distribution of biodiversity.

Lennert Tyberghein

Flanders Marine Institute VLIZ

Jorge Assis

Centre of Marine Sciences

Heroen Verbruggen

University of Melbourne

Samuel Bosch

Agricultural and Fisheries Research

Ester A. Serrão

Center of Marine Sciences

Olivier De Clerck

Ghent University

Salvador Fernández

Flanders Marine Institute

Lennert Schepers

Flanders Marine Institute

Vinícius Salazar

University of Melbourne